September 17, 2018


 I hope you are all well. Zawadi here, that 6yr old dairy goat from Tanzania who keeps skipping her hooves across the keyboard to send messages across the globe!

 Although I’m 6yrs old according to human measurements, in goat years I’m actually almost 50! So, t...

August 20, 2018


Or maybe I could say Maaaaambo!  Hehe, naturally I'm a goat with a bleating good sense of humour.

Zawadi here again folks.  If there's one thing Tanzanians know how to do, it is celebrate.  My daughter Furaha were sat down having a laaaaugh about this just this mo...

July 6, 2018


Since we've been a communication a couple of times now, I figure we can use the more informal Swahili greeting.  It is more like 'Hey, how are ya?', than just 'Hello'.  And just so you know, the reply is 'Poa', that means 'I'm good thanks'.

If you're new to t...

June 22, 2018

Jambo Everybody!

Zawadi here again.  It turns out lots of people liked my first letter so Mamma Mbuzi* ('mbuzi' is Swahili for 'goat', just so ya know) asked me if I would like to write another one, so here I am.  Being a middle aged goat, I've seen quite a lot and have...

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