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Pass-On: Sustaining a transformation

Everyday, Eliya, Martha and Christina are changing the world. But, they don’t even know it.

Since they started FFHC in 2014, Eliya and his wife Fabiola have seen their crops double — thanks to the goat manure they use as fertilizer. They’re selling goat milk and saving money to build their own house. Eliya, a pastor of a church, and Fabiola are praying that they can have children.

Martha lives with her husband, two children and two grandchildren. Martha used to struggle with rheumatism. Since she started drinking goat milk, her condition has drastically improved. Martha’s son, Immanuel, has also been accepted into the program and is currently constructing goat sheds for both his and his mother’s farms.

Christina is beyond excited. A single mom, she’s been able to send her two daughters — Ruth and Witness — to school, using money she’s earned from goat farming. She is proud to be a role model for her teenage daughters.

Eliya, Martha and Christina are seeing their lives transformed through goat farming. But what’s even more amazing is that they are helping to transform lives around them: by taking part in a simple but impactful tradition called a Pass-on.

A pass-on is basically like paying it forward. When goats breed, the first-born doe is passed on to another family in need. The cycle of good continues.

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