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Josephati Shauri: Father, goat farmer, entrepreneur

When Josephati Shauri joined FFHC in 2009, he had no idea how his life was about to change. He has gone from merely surviving to thriving. He’s now a successful goat farmer and bold entrepreneur.

He and his wife Salome live on a farm with their three children, Samwel, Simon and Lilian. There, they farm the land and care for five goats. They drink and sell goat milk, use the manure for fertilizer for their crops and invest their earned income in their house and farm.

“Since joining the program, I have benefitted in so many ways,” Josephati says. “I believe all the good in my life is happening as God has planned. I believe God has sent us FFHC for a reason.”

Josephati first gave back to the program when he and his family took part in the pass-on; that’s when the family gives the firstborn goat kid to another family waiting to start the program. But, he wanted to do more. So, he decided to volunteer his time and services as a leader of the program. Now, he encourages other families to make the same successful changes he did.

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