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A little like Ruth

Christina Michael's story reminds me a little of the book of Ruth. Christina Michael's father-in-law, Leonce, received a Food for His Children goat in 2014. Christina and her husband Michael moved to take care of Michael's father when he became ill in 2016. Tragically, while caring for Leonce, Michael became sick and passed away. So now Christina, a new widow and young mother, was caring for her ailing father-in-law in a village where she has no family or friends. A few months later, Leonce also passed away. Christina suddenly became responsible for all those living at Leonce's household. Rather than giving up or losing hope, Christina looked at what of has provided her with. She had a home, children around her, a support system with Food for His Children program participants and staff and goats to provide opportunities for change. Christina went to work and improved the goat shed. She set her sights on her dreams which include 'taking care of the children, making sure they attend school and get a good education, making sure the family is healthy and they get all their social needs met'. Christina looks forward to Pastor Tumbay's visits so he can pray with her.

Thank you for blessing Christina with support from Food for His Children groups and community!

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