Happy Goatsgiving!

Today is a day of gratitude. We have so many things to be grateful for and you are on the top of our list. Because you care, Glory and her children are picking up the pieces after the fire. Anastazia's field officer is helping her make a plan to improve her goat shed and send her children to secondary school. Mikael and Joyce, ages 13 and 12, may get to go to school for the first time! Josephat joined a savings group using money from selling goats and milk and now has a strong house!

AND we have 70 families trained and preparing to receive a goat! It's Goatsgiving time! It might look a little like this old photo!

Get ready for the Great Goat Give-A-Thon! We can't wait to make the next big goat purchase!

Thank you for each and every pray and for loving and supporting Food for His Children families. You are a true gift from God and we are immensely grateful to you.

Enjoy your Goatsgiving Day (aka Thanksgiving) with those you love!

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