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I Grew up in Food for His Children

My mama was loving enough to engage me in support services to women groups in the community. The experience was so touching and her dedication and love for women taught me the lasting lessons. It was not long before I came to realize my call; Helping people in need as I serve God.

I am Honorina Honorati, have been with FOOD FOR HIS CHILDREN as a Program Manager for 8 years now. When I first joined the FOOD FOR HIS CHILDREN Team back in 2011, my heart opened and I felt like crying for the blessings that God presented to me in my right time of need. This was a blessing that came naturally into my life. In that moment, I asked God a number of questions like, why did you choose me over all graduates with Bachelor and Master’s Degree? What do you need me to do to your Children Lord? BUT why? I was curious for the answers that I can fulfill God’s purpose for the wonderful Gift that he presented to me.

When my journey with FOOD FOR HIS CHILDREN began, I comfortably felt belonging as it progressively opened platforms for me to serve God through His children as I supported the FFHC Vision. The practice helped Individuals, families and communities to becoming all God created them to be and discipling others to do the same.

FFHC operates in Karatu, a township with dense population that craves for Entrepreneurial skills, health, environmental, Agricultural, Livestock-keeping education as well as spiritual counseling. The FFHC interventions enhanced families capacity to increase their income and establish healthy families that can participate in development process.

When Honorina was the only FFHC employee

I grew-up in FFHC to bear witness on how people’s lives have been transformed as a result of FFHC community interventions. The youth have come to realize the need to have a dream and dreaming BIG towards their future with a helping hand of FOOD FOR HIS CHILDREN. Women, Men and Elders have grown in confidence and opened their mind, heart and eyes into developing practical goals, plans to overcome life challenges and convert them into opportunities that foster personal and collective growth and robustness to life experiences.

2011 When Honorina met FFHC

Through Gospel that we preach God has always been centered of their broken relationship when they realize that there is need for them to Unite together to LOVE one another with their heart and Soul as its written in the bible Mathew 22:37-39. The families that served by FFHC have come to love and know God and are now preaching the word of God to others and have become the faithful Disciples. Meet Yesse (Nicodemus) Hhando one of the recipients who converted from Islam to Christianity. His joining FFHC opened the doors to his knowledge of Christ, the Savior. He finally dedicated his life into serving God as a pastor in his village whereas, his wife and beautiful children are very proud of who he has become.

I have been raised a Catholic. Ever since I joined FFHC, I have become a living TESTIMONY to colleagues, friends and family on how I have been empowered and grown spiritually. My spiritual life has been transformed to better. I have come to Know God in a better way that I lead a life that blesses God.

The way FFHC work with the community has created a lasting bond and great relationship that made families build trust and share their personal life experiences. Through the close relationship, FFHC has managed to save Marriages and solve family issues that were interfering with development processes in the community. FFHC has managed to put smiles on its beneficiaries’ face as they constantly proclaim how their lives have been touched by the practices of FFHC. Happiness is what the community needed and what they missed as they didn’t have people they could trust and talk to.

With the Holistic development and sustainability approach that FOOD FOR HIS CHILDREN is using to Impact the community, have influence people to realize that FFHS is Godly sent. Families are able to realize their full potentials by exploiting the local available resources, skills and knowledge under guidance and assistance of the FFHC. Most of the families have become self-reliant and others have become successful to the point of helping other families move alongside them.

FFHC has not only been home to people that it serves, but also their pride as they are recognized by other people who donates to FOOD FOR HIS CHILDREN. Mr. Dawson Minja is a person who was heart-touched with the way FFHC empower families, he could not resist commending; “you are doing such a great Job and I wish to be part this if you let me”. The FFHC wholeheartedly welcome Mr. Dawson to join the FFHC efforts to help families walk alongside others. This is proof of the blessing that God is giving FFHC through different people.

In 2018, on behalf of the FFHC, I received a note (a letter) of appreciation from the District Executive Director to the contribution we make to the community and families around the district. Full of emotion and surprise, my eyes were full of joyful tears bolded by a broad smile on my face, deeply appreciating the recognition milestone by the District Executive Director. The FFHC owe the entire team for their dedicated efforts into representing the District and winning the award for being the best goat keeper among contestants from 3 different Regions (Kilimanjaro, Arusha and Manyara.) With a continues practice, our community shall be transformed through the knowledge that FFHC is sharing.

One day, I received a call from Ms. Wende Lyimo, a lady who works with NBC Bank - Karatu Branch, She curiously called my name; “Honorina, I always see you posting photos of you holding baby goats and with community members on Facebook” she furthered her curiosity by saying “Would you please let me know what you do and if I can do the same?”. Despite being an expecting mom, Ms. Wende has been experiencing difficulty in accessing milk for her 2 children, she intended to find solution into finding a reliable source of milk for her two kids and the unborn baby. Ms. Wende condemned the costs and difficulty of keeping cattle in the area she lives. With what I shared with Wende about our FFHC services, she ended-up with excitement with our project and through learning and guidance, Ms. Wende started keeping dairy goats and she now enjoys own supply of at least 2litres of Goat Milk per day. This proves that, FFHC not only help the target beneficiaries, but also other people around the community. This experience has further inspired my motive to help the community and keep making a difference and touch as many lives as possible with lasting imprints of love and care from the FFHC services.

Until now, I have seen life of people that have been transformed according to God’s plan and creation. As I aspire for more, I feel blessed to serve with Food For His children for the past eight years. I am proud of the accomplishments of FFHC. We are now proud to be an organization where people will come and learn with practice about breeding the goats for dairy produce for their children who were not only fail to concentrate in the class because of empty stomachs but also for their families that could not provide for them.

Food for His Children Staff

FOOD FOR HIS CHILDREN is now not just a PLACE for me and others, FOOD FOR HIS CHILDREN is a HOME for the community in need.

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