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I know how to sing!

My name is Elisha and I’m 5 years old. I am too young to go to school but not too young to go to the church listening to the word of God! Me and my friends, we like to go to church every Sunday. Our parents do preparations for us like preparing our clothes and we get shower and go to Sunday school.

Our church is not far from our home. When I arrive at church, I meet with my teacher who is always teaching me how to sing and worship! People tell me I’m too young, but I tell them that they don’t have to bother because my mom can send me to the shop to get cooking oil, salt or sugar and I go and bring it...!! (smiling) so, I can’t wait to start my school! I know I can get more friends even those who are in Sunday school, they told me my age is not enough to start going to school but next year I will reach 6 so it will be a right age for me to go to school. Now I can count up to 4 but it is not enough, some of my friend who are in school sometimes they laughing at me because I can’t read and write.

I know how to sing and my teachers instruct me to help my fellow kids how to sing. I become loved by many people I can sing for them, we can make a circle and shake our hands while we are singing and others kids clap their hands for us.

Elisha’s mother said, ‘We heard a fascinating information from his teacher that Elisha is very brilliant and we were very happy for that! As the parents it is our role to create our children to become who they wish to be. We train our children to focus on their dreams even when they too young so when they grow up with the sense of setting goals and dreams and attaining them, it will be easy for them to forecast how their life will look like in a future.’

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