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Empower families to keep their hands around their children

Not every child has to be taken away from their home, there is always a way where a child can be supported to reach their God given potential in their home where they get to enjoy love and peace with people they have grown up with.

Today’s world has completely changed especially what is happening out there with children. There are so many cases of children being abused, raped, killed, violated, early marriage, early pregnancy and being involved in child labor has been reported with various media and social networks.

Imagine how many children live out there, who don’t know about the dangers in life or what to do about them. How many children does this world lose every day? How many children lose their dreams of being Presidents in their countries and how many mothers feel the pain of seeing a child’s dream’s die because she has been raped, now she is pregnant, she can’t go back to school and she is going to raise that child alone.

These pains and struggles do not only end with that child being raised without a father, it affects his growth, mind, inner peace and future dreams. Most of these children end up living a life full of regrets throughout their life. All this has generational impact not only to that child’s family, but we are creating a community where every child is hopeless.

Through holistic community development, Food for His Children is working with parents to empower them so that they can improve their living and send their children to school, provide for their medical expenses and provide food, clothing and a safe home.

This family is happy family because of you.

Food for His Children provides a dairy goat to families, providing nutrition from goat milk, helping their children grow. Families are encouraged to sell goats and generate income which is used to sustain the family needs.

The families are provided with entrepreneurship skills and support from case managers on business planning and follow-up. Families learn to make products such as soap, candles, fabrics and sell them to earn income. They are also encouraged to join saving groups so that they can take loans with small interest and start their business. Our families believe in eradicating income poverty through creating multiple income sources.

Most of the families are smallholder farmers who depend on agriculture to get food for family consumption, selling crop surplus to increase family income and meet their needs. Food for His Children supports families with sustainable farming techniques and provides them with seeds, fertilizer and follow up to ensure that they will always have food for their children.

Its very important for a child to grow up in a clean, healthy and friendly environment, families are encouraged to maintain hygiene of their surroundings. This protects their child from getting sick so they can spend more time at school rather than in the hospital.

God is always at the center of a family where parents and children’s gather and pray together. Food for His Children provides spiritual teachings to the family through visits, devotion books, bibles and restoring broken relationship among families. In our teachings, parents are taught to consider family as the primary institution where a child needs to grow, be taken care of and raised with great manner and they don’t have to consider sending their children away for someone else to care for them.

It’s within the family where a child is raised to do minor house work after school and during weekend, this does not only about make a child to do a job, it’s creating a strong family and community where a child is taught to be responsible and independent.

Food for His Children invites you to work together and create a strong, independent and responsible child who is tomorrow’s leader, mother, father, husband and wife at their homes.

You can help keep children with their families by making a donation at


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