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Meet Paskalina!

Hello! My name is Paskalina, I am 12 years old. I am the 3rd born in our family. I am in class 7 at Basodawish Primary School. My dream is to be a nurse. My favorite foods are milk, ugali, fish and pilau. My favorite colors are blue, pink and orange. My favorite subjects are Swahili, English, Science and Mathematics.

I am a very hard-working girl. I love to study and help my mother with domestic work like washing dishes, sweeping, and collecting firewood. I want to be a nurse after completing my studies which will mean lots of hard work and praying.

I am so very thankful for the services that your donation provides through Food for His Children, for the Food for His Children Tanzania team for their love, care, support and prayers.

My mother, Sisilia, joined Food for His Children in 2014 to help our family move forward. I know all about the services Food for His Children provides. They have helped my parents have more money so they can provide important things like school fees and basic needs for my family. The goat from Food for His Children also gives us goat milk for added nutrition and manure to fertilize our crops. Currently, we have 3 goats. Last month my family sold 2 goats to pay school fees for my sister Monica who is in Secondary school. We are so grateful for an education. Thank you!


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