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You are amazing!  You have given so generously so that children in Tanzania have the opportunity to live a healthy and happy life, to go to school and to strive towards their dreams. 


Your gifts provided 4 Field Officers for more personalized and frequent follow up which has proven to be a critical factor in success for many of our families who struggle with generational poverty. 


As we look forward to 2019, we see the future God has laid before us.  We see doors opening and people flourishing. And it’s because you gave of yourself and of the gifts you have received. 


God bless you for all you have done to transform lives in Tanzania. 

2018 Annual Report
A few things that

we are proud of


Foundation for our future

We completed installation of a fence around the perimeter of our farm and began vetting contractors for construction of the Farm and Innovation Center.  

Operations in check

Our Founder has been our full time Executive Director since 2017, our only US employee. We had a staff of 11 employees in Tanzania doing an amazing job of telling the story of the families we serve. We became an NGO in Tanzania. 

Managing the ministry

We are growing! We hired 4 Field Officers (social workers) to provide personalized support and follow up with every family we serve. We offered services to 184 new families in 2018, 74 of them will receive dairy goats. Twenty families were given goats after completing their shed and required training.

About Us

We believe success is achieved through strong relationships with God, self, others and the rest of creation. 

Foundation for a new life

Meet Ayubu

When Ayubu became a goat farmer, he saw how one success can lead to another. Since then, he’s taken small steps that have led to huge changes. He’s become a man of faith, studying the Bible diligently. He’s even begun preaching at his church. Eligible for a loan for the first time in his life, he used the money to buy 2,000 bricks; the foundation for his new home.

Meet Esther

In 2009, Esther received her first goat. From that day on, her life changed. By selling goat milk and goat offspring, she can now afford to send her children to school. She can afford iron sheets for her roof. And she started her own chicken business. With ten chickens, she’s on her way; already selling 30 eggs a week. 

Meet Alloice

Alloice and his wife Ester live on a small farm outside the village of Midabini. Their farm is bustling; three goats, each one producing rich milk, a plentiful harvest, reaping nearly 400 pounds of maize and four healthy children, the oldest two excelling in school. But this wasn’t always the case. Just two years ago they were struggling and ready to give up. The day they received their first goat, they began a new life. A life full of hope, purpose and stewardship. 

What do Ayubu, Esther and Alloice have in common? You. 

Because of your prayers, support and financial gifts, their lives – and the lives of their family members – have been changed. Thank you for sustaining Food For His Children.

Join the Mission for Good

Share the transformations and good news from Tanzania with friends and family. Lives are being changed every day because of people like you! Share through social media, host a jewelry party or become one of our prayer partners.


Either financially, prayerfully or both. A one-time gift of $160 buys one goat, starting a new generation that will be passed from family to family. This also includes start-up grass seed, vaccinations and farm training. A monthly gift of $60 supports FFHC program services for three families!

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