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  Our Beliefs   

Our story     

Kerrie Holschbach first visited Tanzania in 2005. She wanted to create a lasting and sustainable impact on this community; something that provided sustenance. By implementing a simple and practical community development program in 2008, Food For His Children was born. 

Our vision statement

Communities in rural East Africa prosper and lives are transformed, one family, one dairy goat at a time.

Core mission     

We focus on sustainable processes, community development to empower families and communities to become all they were created to be.


Food For His Children's mission is to:

  • Assist materially poor families in rural Tanzania to discover how they are uniquely gifted so they can use their gifts for the benefit of their family and community and then teach others to do the same.

  • Restore right relationships between God, self, others and the rest of creation.

  • Tap into a network of support and volunteerism to rally around this community.

  • Continue the conversation about sustainable farming practices in other developing communities around the world.

Our values     

As Christians, we approach our mission, following these three core values:  

  • Hope: Our projects are guided by Scripture and are designed to help people of all faiths.

  • Integrity: At the core of everything we do, we vow to always have all of our actions be honest and fair.

  • Right relationships: We believe that success is achieved through strong relationships with God, self, others and the rest of creation. We strive to create positive connections in the world.

Food for His Children is a Christian organization, but our services are open to all people.  We do not proselytize and do not require people become or state they are Christians in order to receive services or participate in any Food for His Children programs.  All all welcome. 

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