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Our Team

Kerrie Holschbach

Founder & Executive Director- USA

Board of Directors- Food for His Children, Inc US and I-NGO, FFHC Farm and Innovation Center, LLC and Food for His Children, LTD


Kerrie is the Founder and Executive Director for Food for His Children, Inc, the parent company of Food for His Children Farm and Innovation Center LLC, and Food for His Children LTD and Food for His Children, Inc I-NGO. She is a Deployed Pastor from Hosanna Church in Lakeville, MN and Licensed Social Worker. Kerrie is passionate about helping people become all God created them to be. She has been working with the materially poor and vulnerable people since 1991.  She travels to Tanzania twice a year for program development and assessment. In her personal life, she loves riding on the back of her husband’s motorcycle, fishing and spending time with family. 

Honorina Honorati Bayyo

Program Director - Tanzania

Board of Directors – Food for His Children I-NGO


Honorina is the Program Director for Food for His Children and a Board Member for the NGO. She was the first Food for His Children employee, hired in 2011. Honorina holds a Bachelor Degree in Management of Community Development Programs from Tengeru Institute of Community Development. Her role includes overseeing the Tanzania staff, networking with community and national leaders, program and staff development, and communicating with recipient families. She plays a critical role in enabling the organization to meet its ultimate vision and goals by working alongside employees and recipient families. With 8 years of experience in management of community development programs, her vast knowledge, skills and experience has been key to her success. Honorina is passionate in her work with families, her team and sharing her gifts in transforming the lives of many in the community.  

Hwa Lee

Chief Operations Officer- USA

Hwa Lee - Food For His Children.jpg

Hwa Lee joins Food for His Children as the Chief Operations Officer. Hwa has over fifteen years of experience in operations, supply chain, project management, business development, planning, customer service and sales, serving in the leadership team at global corporations such as Brooks Brothers and Bally. She spearheaded various corporate initiatives to improve business practice, organization, and technology world-wide. Along with demonstrating professional excellence in streamlining processes for productivity, Hwa is passionate about serving her community and supporting people to fulfill their God-given potential. She volunteers at local nonprofit organizations as a crisis counselor and as an English teacher to immigrant adults while developing a scholarship fund for students from low-income households. In her personal life, Hwa enjoys studying scripture, spending time with her husband and family, traveling to new and distant lands, and honing her writing and photography skills. 

Bryr Athen

Animal Management

Trainer and Consultant

Bryr serves FFHC remotely as a consultant and goat expert. She has a Bachelor of Applied Science, Animal Studies, majoring in Production Animals. She has a lifetime of experience in the goat industry, from working on small hobby farms, to medium commercial, right up to farms with thousands of goats. It is her passion to see the those we work with succeed. To help them be trained, equipped and sustainable in their farming practices, alongside loving them and sharing the love of Jesus with them.

Mohamed Marusu 

Agriculture Specialist- Tanzania

Mohamed is the Agriculture Specialist at Food for His Children. He has a Diploma in Farm Management. Marusu was one of the first FFHC volunteers in 2008, offering his expertise with the very first group of goat, chicken and seed beneficiaries. After many years serving as a volunteer, Marusu became a consultant, providing his expertise on a regular basis. Marusu loves working with FFHC goat recipients and farmers in the community.  His passion is to see farmers’ lives changed as a result of increased food, excess crops to sell and minimizing malnutrition by having three meals a day. When he is not working, he enjoys gardening at his home and watching soccer. 

Pastor Israel Tumbay 

Faith Coordinator- Tanzania


Pastor Tumbay is the Faith Coordinator at Food for His Children, He is a Pastor by profession, holding a Bachelor Degree of Theology from Makumira Tumaini University. His passion in working with FFHC is to see recipients recognize Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior of their lives, as well as to enjoy the blessings, love, peace and life of eternal life through their Savior, Jesus Christ. He provides pastoral care visits; leads Bible studies, seminars and shows evangelistic films. Outside of work he likes reading the Bible, watching and listening to the choir and farming. 

Samson Ismael

Project Coordinator- Tanzania


Samson is the Project Coordinator at Food for His Children. In 2013 he graduated from St. Augustine University of Tanzania with a BA in Sociology. Samson’s experience living in a poor community as he grew up, was the driving factor to pursue a career in human and social development. Samson volunteered with FFHC for 2 years before being hired as a full time employee in 2016. He was inspired to work with FFHC because of its mission and vision to empower the community to become independent through the philosophy of every individual teaching another individual, or ‘each one teach one’. Samson is a people person, able to effectively interact with people of different age, sex, economic and education backgrounds. Samson is super excited to see families achieve their goals and make positive steps ahead. 

Honorata Honorati

Livestock Specialist- Tanzania


Honorata is the Livestock Specialist at Food for His Children. She has a diploma in Animal Health & Production, which she uses to educate FFHC goat recipients in goat management, disease prevention and treatment. She is passionate about helping her community by improving the lives of their animals through good goat management. Honorata’s commitment to improving the living standard of FFHC recipients and surrounding community is seen in her philosophy of raising animals to improve a family’s standard of living, not for prestige. She is a strong believer in the power of positive thinking both at work and in her personal life. 

Levina Charles

Field Officer - Tanzania


Levina is a social worker or Field Officer at Food for His Children. With a degree in Sociology, she serves as a Field Officer, fostering hope and helping people achieve their dreams. When not helping FFHC parents, Levina spends time helping children identify their unique skills and talents that will serve them as a guide for their future. Levina received the Youth of the United Nations Association of Tanzania award when she was in secondary school. One of Levina’s favorite pass time activity is reading and learning from elders and successful people.

Noel Frank Mgaya

Field Officer - Tanzania

Noel Mgaya (Frank)

Noel is a social worker or Field Officer at Food for His Children. With a degree in Management of Community Development Programs, Noel assists members of the community to identify and fully utilize their potential. Noel is excited by FFHC’s mission and vision because it focuses on identifying a community’s local assets and how those assets can be utilized to develop the entire community. Noel is filled with joy when he sees the happiness families receive by improving their condition and meeting their goals.

Nicolaus (Nick) Martin Mollel 

Field Officer- Tanzania

Nick Martin

Nick is a social worker or Field Officer at Food for His Children. Growing up in a diverse culture, Nicolaus Martin developed an early interest in business relations and serving the community. He received his diploma in Cooperative Management and Accounting in 2012 at Moshi University College of Cooperative and Business Studies. And in 2015, he was awarded with a BA in Marketing and Entrepreneurship at Moshi Cooperative University with highest honors. After graduation he went back to Karatu, his home town, for job opportunities and to continue his mission. In secondary school and high school, Nick engaged in a variety of activities, including the 4-H club, Scouts, and School Gospel Choir. He was known for his passion and participation in sports, including local soccer and football teams. In his free time, Nick enjoys spending time with his friends and family. Nick is truly a very multi-talented individual.

Christian Gwilla

Marketing Officer- Tanzania


Christian is a Marketing Officer with Food for His Children. He has a Diploma in Community Development. In addition to meeting one on one with FFHC families as a Field Officer, he leads a group of 49 recipients in the FFHC program. Christian is part of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Economic Development at FFHC, dealing with providing basic education on the formation of small business ventures, business management, and savings. His skills and creativity bring him in contact with the stakeholders, partners and donors through documentation, data collection and a presentation of the recipient’s progress. Christian helps to tell the story of FFHC families and help supporters see the impact of their work.  During his childhood, Christian liked to make toy cars, play football and demonstrate good environmental conservation in watering flowers and trees around his home. His hope is that one day he will see his efforts at FFHC having a positive impact on the lives of the most vulnerable families. 

Karim Ibrahim Mongi

Professional Driver- Tanzania


From a very young age, Karim wanted to be a driver. After completing school, Karim also completed a driving course to qualify as a professional driver. He joined Food for His Children in 2018 as a motorcycle driver who transports staff to different FFHC project sites. Karim also does various administrative and assessment tasks. Karim demonstrates his passion to help families by assisting them with the construction of sheds and other aspects of the 15 points of the Health Home Assessment. Karim loves to stay busy and help the Tanzania team in any way he can.

Our Partners

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Kerrie Holschbach, founder of FFHC, is a deployed pastor for Hosanna Church in Lakeville, Minnesota. Hosanna's mission is to humbly and boldly be a church that looks more like Jesus.

Cultivate International 

Cultivate is a people-centered education platform that empowers community leaders to successfully lead positive social impact. 

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Amplify Mission Network

Amplify connects marketplace leaders with emerging faith based ministries to amplify kingdom impact.

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Apeksha Sumaria,

Head of Partnerships

African Cheetahz Archievers, LTD.

Alex Nada, Director.

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Faith Lutheran Church,

Forest Lake, MN. 55025

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First State Bank of Wyoming

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