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Food For His Children is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. All donations are 100% tax deductible. 

Privacy Policy: Food for His Children does not share or sell customer personal information with any third party companies. 

Our Team

Honorina Honorati Bayyo

Tanzania Program Manager

With a certificate in community development and bachelor’s degree in community development management, Honorina oversees the Tanzanian staff, networks with community leaders and communicates with recipient families.

Israel Tumbay

Tanzania Faith Coordinator

Pastor Tumbay meets with farming families, shares scripture and helps navigate through challenges. He also performs Baptisms and shares Communion.

Samson Ishma

Tanzania Program Coordinator

Samson screens potential farming families, oversees site visits and group meetings. 

Bryr Athen

Animal Management

Trainer and Consultant

Bryr has a Bachelor of Applied Science, Animal Studies, majoring in Production Animals. She has a lifetime of experience in the goat industry, from working on small hobby farms, to medium commercial, right up to farms with thousands of goats. It is her passion to see the those we work with succeed. To help them be trained, equipped and sustainable in their farming practices, alongside loving them and sharing the love of Jesus with them.

M K Marusu

Tanzania Agriculture Field Officer

When it comes to harvesting crops, Marusu, agriculture Specialist, a retired government professional, helps maximize production and minimize risks. He knows which trees are best to plant in the area, how to utilize rainfall for water conservation and happily demonstrates these skills to others. 

Joseph Kwaslema

Tanzania Livestock Specialist

Joseph Kwaslema, a retired government professional, serves a critical role to both Food For His Children and the people we serve in Tanzania. An expert on diseases and parasites common to the area, he travels to visit ill goats, assists with vaccinations and helps in the de-worming clinics. 

Ministry Partners

Brent Eidenschink, Financial Planner

Forest Lake, MN. 55025

African Cheetahz Archievers, LTD.

Alex Nada, Director.

Mary Schumacher,

Forest Lake, MN. 55025

Kerrie Holschbach, founder of FFHC, is a deployed pastor for Hosanna Church in Lakeville, Minnesota. Hosanna's mission is to humbly and boldly be a church that looks more like Jesus.

Global Horizons, Inc. (GHI) promotes purposeful project by handling the financial and administrative duties of running a  nonprofit, enabling clients the time to focus on their ministry. 


iDEATION Photography

Capturing hearts around the world with powerful storytelling images. 

Apeksha Sumaria,

Head of Partnerships