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Board Of Directors     


Kerrie Holschbach, Founder, President and Executive Director, Food For His Children US, NGO and Farm and Development Center

Kerrie is passionate about helping people see who God created them to be. She is a Deployed Pastor from Hosanna Church and a licensed social worker. She has over 30 years of experience working with materially-poor and marginalized people. 

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Bria Grudzielanek, Food For His Children US and NGO

Bria has a Master's degree in social work and is passionate about community development as a piece of advancing God's kingdom. She connects directly with donors, sending out handwritten letters and cards thanking them for donations. 

Calvin Kessy, Food For His Children US and NGO

Pastor Kessy is passionate about community development and has been with Food For His Children since 2011. He witnessed first-hand how goats can transform a community in the village where he grew up. 

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Christine Davis,  Food For His Children NGO

Christine has been a public school teacher in Minnesota for over 25 years. Her passion is helping children reach their hopes and dreams along with their parents. She is currently developing a youth program for the families FFHC serves. She is blessed with the gift of compassion for people all over the world.    


Denise Lockhart, Food for His Children US

Denise is a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist with a Master’s Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics.   She is a military veteran with over 20 years of experience working with a variety of populations from wellness/disease prevention to critical care.   She desires to use her God-given gifts to impact the lives of children through physical and spiritual wellness.


George Mamuya, Food For His Children Farm and Development Center

Pastor Mamuya is committed to community development and has been with Food For His Children since 2016. He is passionate about serving the rural poor in his country. Pastor George is an author of several books in Tanzania.


Honorina Honorati, Food for His Children NGO

Honorina holds a Bachelor Degree in Management of Community Development Programs. She is the Program Manager for Food for His Children and was our first employee. With 9 years of experience in management of community development programs, her vast knowledge, skills and experience has been key to her success. Honorina is passionate in her work with families, her team and sharing her gifts in transforming the lives of many in the community.  


Rob Holschbach, Food for His Children NGO

Rob is Food for His Children's co-founder. He has provided expertise in logistics and collaboration at the Minnesota Department of Transportation since 2007 helping to coordinate oversized transport across the nation. Rob has served with Food for His Children since 2008 as their official photographer and marketing volunteer. Rob is passionate about helping people become all they were created to be. He is a gifted at encouragement and is a maximizer, helping people and organizations to grow and continually improve. 

Thomas Malundo_edited.jpg

Thomas Malundo, Food For His Children US

Thomas has a Master's degree in Information Technology Management and is passionate about bridging the gap between (Tanzania and US) in Education, Science, and Technology. As a son of God, he is hoping to shed the light through 'Transparency,  Collaboration, and Adaptation for all people in Tanzania and the US.

This photo was taken in Dar close to Indian Ocean with Thomas' signature pose representing in God's hand, everything is possible.  

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