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Farm rendering view 5 4.2019
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Farm 2019

  Our Goal: Sustainable Development   

Help Build the Farm and Innovation Center
A center for innovative learning for sustainable development in Tanzanian communities.   

The Food for His Children Farm and innovation Center unleashes potential in rural Tanzanian so families and communities can thrive. It will equip Tanzanian communities to overcome issues that cause extreme poverty.  


A unique combination of farming, innovation and tourism, providing sustainable income for our community development work. 

Our vision

  • Unleashed potential shattering the chains of generational poverty- FOREVER

  • Innovation Center, working farm and tourist destination combined

  • Sustainable income source for the NGO in Tanzania

  • Visual, kinesthetic and audio learning opportunities

  • Opportunity to meet and buy products directly from the families we serve

  • Education and employment opportunities for the community

  • Creamery for goat milk products

  • Training for agriculture, livestock, entrepreneurship, health, savings, leadership, and environmental conservation/sustainable living practices

  • Holistic approach to training including social, emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual health attended to, and goat health too!

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