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  Our Families   

Transform the life of a family

Food for His Children begins this transformational journey by meeting families exactly where and as they are. We walk alongside them, providing 1x1 support, goal planning, farm education, veterinary skills, entrepreneurship skills, savings groups, health and environment training and spiritual guidance based on biblical values.

Providing resources to enable success   

To be eligible to receive goats, families must prepare a goat shed, ensuring the animals will be well taken care of. A goat shed must follow specific requirements, including good ventilation, a roof that provides protection from rain and means to clean water and food. 


Training varies according to the season. It consists of:

  • Goat shed preparations

  • Planting seeds that will provide food for goats

  • Veterinary skills and education, provided by our team of specialists

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Saving and budgeting

  • Health and the Environment

Food for His Children teaches Health and Environment topics in schools and then puts it into practice with the students. 

Transformation recognized     

How will we know if we’ve been successful? Our vision goes far beyond goat farming. Here’s what we see:

  • Communities filled with people who know the Lord in a personal way and are living as Christ would

  • Small groups that pray together, share in their faith journey and study the Bible to gain a closer relationship with God and each other

  • Communities empowering each other to live out their gifts and passions. In the process, we hope to see individuals, families and communities becoming all God created them to be.

  • Families that can provide for their family, send children to school and pay for expenses like medical bills

  • Communities are thriving, not just surviving

  • Communities that support each other in times of need

  • Communities teaching other villages what they have learned 

  • Communities solving issues and providing solutions independently 

Food for His Children provides sustainable development education to families living in poverty. 

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