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Partner with a Family

Food for His Children provides many services beyond a dairy goat and initial training. Giving $45 per month or $540 per year provides a family one to one support from a Field Officer who encourages and empowers them, assists with goal planning and accountability and problem solving skills; pastoral care; veterinary care; participation in a savings group, and ongoing training in agriculture, animal husbandry, entrepreneurship, leadership, savings, health, environment and Discipleship for Development. 

You can partner with one child for as little as $5 per month. 

If desired, you can write to your family or even do a video call and develop a personal relationship with them.  Maybe one day you can join a Food for His Children mission trip and meet them in person. 
Your gift ensures the success of each family, helping them to achieve their goals and dreams. 
2020 paskalina leonard.jpg
Paskalina Leonard
Awaki and family, one at school.jpg
Awaki Issari
Samwel Simon 2020 June.jpg
Sukarina Simon
Regina Happe
2020 Aulelia HHando and kids 2.jpg
Aulelia Hhando
2020 Sept Imani Josephat and Yakobo- Bur
Bura Hhondi
2020 July john Lagwen's Family.jpg
John Lagwen
2021-2 Magdalena Yeremiah and Bryton.JPG
Magdelena Yeremiah
2020 July Magdalena matle.jpg
Magdelena Matle
Musa Mbare family 2020 (2).jpg
Musa Mbare
2020 Oct Tiodra Andrea.jpg
Tiodra Andrea
2020 September VITALIS  Qamara FAMILY PH
Vitalis Qamara
Erick and Paulo Kastuli 3.2020.jpg
Veronica Kasuli
John Emmanuel Gadiye family.jpg
John Emmanuel Gadiye
2020 Prisca Bahane.jpg
Prisca Bahne
Juliana Ibrahim
Maganga Wema- Ester and other children.j
Mangaga Wema
2020 Sept Emmanuel and cousin.jpg
Maria Awaki
Elizabeth Emmanuel.jpg
Elizabeth Emmanuel
2020 Oct pascal gwand kids.jpg
Pascal Gwandu
Dominick and children.jpg
Dominick Enock
Samwel Simon 2020 June.jpg
Samwel Simon
dativa tahani family photo.jpg
Dativa Tahani
Emmanuel Leonard story picture.JPG
Emanuel Leonard
faustine family.jpg
Faustine Patrice
Martina Panga 2.2020.jpg
Martina Panga
2.2020 Elizabeth Gambesh.jpg
Elizabeth Gambesh
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