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  Experience Tanzania   

Experience Tanzania     

We go to Tanzania to love and serve the people we meet. Each time we are overwhelmed by their love for us. 

Pole, pole

Pole, pole. Swahili for slowly, slowly. Our Tanzanian family teaches us to move slowly, to treasure the moments.


Love is more than just words. Love is shown through actions. When we go to Tanzania, we show God’s love to all we meet. And every time, the men and women of Tanzania overwhelm us with their love for us. 


The people

Most of the people we serve have one or two outfits and one pair of shoes. They use their feet to get from place to place unless they’re blessed to have a bicycle. There is no electricity, no running water and no television. Maize and beans, the staple foods, are stored in clay or straw containers. 



In Tanzania, relationships with others and God are valued above all else. Rather than task-oriented, Tanzanians are people-oriented. There, people come before tasks. In the face of adversity, they draw closer to God and rely on Him for daily provisions. They have to; their faith is beyond measure. Their hope is in the Lord.


The landscape

The Tanzanian landscape is breathtaking, with several shades of red dirt scanning the hills and valleys. The dirt has a smell that welcomes you upon exiting the airplane. In the Karatu District of Tanzania, most of the people we work with live in mud and stick homes, made from this red dirt.


The Tanzanian people, with seemingly so little, are able to move us and touch our hearts in the way that God intended. 

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