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Become a Chain Breaker!


Chain Breakers are people just like you, who would give anything to transform lives for the good of the Kingdom, one family, one month at a time. For just $5 a month, you can help protect children living in extreme poverty from human trafficking, hunger and disease by breaking the chains that bind them. AND you help us say yes to every family in need. 

What Kind of Change Would You Like to Create?

$5 monthly can help rescue one child from extreme poverty

$10 monthly can help rescue two children from extreme poverty

$21 monthly can give one family a dairy goat, livestock training and veterinary care

$30 monthly can provide 30 Bibles, pastoral care, and one Christian seminar and Bible movie in one FFHC community

$45 monthly can help rescue one family from extreme poverty

Become a Chain Breaker TODAY! Help break the chains of extreme poverty all year long for children in Tanzania. Go to or mail your gift to PO Box 252, Harris, MN 55032.

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