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How sustainable development in Africa actually works?

Since 2008, FOOD FOR HIS CHILDREN has provided community development and humanitarian services to families

in rural Karatu, Tanzania,  targeting those with income below $1 per day. Our vision is to eradicate poverty so that children and families have food to eat, medical care, education and ability to work towards their dreams and that families and communities are able to sustain themselves without relying on outside resources. We do this by providing a micro loan

of a dairy goat, training in animal husbandry, agriculture, health, environment, leadership, savings, and entrepreneurship.


That's what we focus on to impact generations in Tanzania

Agriculture Department



Livestock Department


Environment Department

and Health



Faith and Pastoral Care


Entrepreneurship and Economic Development


Case Management 

 Please join us by supporting our efforts to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

Where Your Donations Go:
Annual Reports & Financial Transparency  

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