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Partner with


Food for His Children provides many services beyond
a dairy goat and initial training. Giving
$67 per month
$804 per year provides a family one to one support from
a Field Officer who encourages and empowers them, assists with:
  • Participation in a savings group, and ongoing training in agriculture;

  • Health, environment and Discipleship for Development;

  • Accountability and problem solving skills;

  • Entrepreneurship and leadership; 

  • Goal planning and veterinary care;

  • Animal husbandry;

  • Pastoral care;

You can partner with one child for as little as $17 per month. 

We call it Family Partners because
the goal is for both parties to grow
and benefit from the relationship.

A Family Partner is connected to one specific family.

You have the ability to exchange videos, letters and/or emails. You can also visit them in Tanzania if you feel God has led you there. Our Executive Director and the family's Case Manager will coordinate all communications to ensure it is received and responded to.

Tanzanian families in need

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