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Who fights with poverty in Tanzania, Africa and focused on empowering communities by providing resources and faith, hope and love to families and their communities.


The Focus of Our Efforts

At Food For His Children, we are committed to making difference in the lives of African children and families in need. With your generous donations, we can:


Give a Dairy Goat

Initially the goat provides essential nutrition from milk, then as she has babies, she is like a bank account that keeps growing over time. Families can strategically sell goats to generate funds for crucial needs such as paying for school and medical expenses, build brick homes and start businesses.

Save one family from poverty for $150.


Farm Training

Farmer Motivators (FM) are specially selected farmers who have shown leadership abilities. They receive 1x1 training and home visits from the FFHC Agriculture team for additional coaching and follow up. FMs share what they have learned with their community. 

Provide FM training and teach a village for $150. 


Train Women 

For people who earn leass than $1 a day, knowing how to start a new business is almost impossible. But you can send an entrepreneur to Street Business School.

It is tailored for poor people and teaches

them how to start a business and make it successful.

Story how Berta increased her capital by 2500%



Providing hope and love by providing Bibles to families. A gift of $50 purchases 5 Bibles in their native tongue or goes toward the purchase pf Audio Bible Device which reads the Bible in their native tongue. A great tool for sharing the Word with those who cannot read.

Help with a source of spiritual guidance for $50.

Ending rural Tanzanian poverty
Unleashing potential
Transforming generations

Discover the real stories, heartfelt smiles, and the positive change

your contributions bring to the lives of Tanzanian families.

With your help we transform generations in Africa


Our Approach

Sustainable change

 Beyond immediate aid, our approach includes empowering communities through education, healthcare and entrepreneurship,

fostering self-reliance for a brighter future.

Tailored impact

Our approach is personal. We understand that different needs require different solutions.

From food to school supplies, your donation

can be directed to specific causes, ensuring a customized impact. 

Every dollar matters

We believe in the transformative power of small acts. No contribution is too modest, an each dollar makes a meaningful impact on the lives of Tanzanian families.

We believe in transparency

 Your donations are tracked and utilized efficiently, ensuring accountability at every step. Our commitment is to keep you informed about the tangible difference your contributions make in the lives of African families.

OUR  $350,000 GOAL.

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This project will equip Tanzanian communities to overcome issues that cause extreme poverty.

It is a unique combination farming, innovation and tourism; providing sustainable income for the community development work that unleashes the potential of thousands of Tanzanians living in extreme poverty.


All the Latest

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