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God Goats and Missions

A cycle for good

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We start with one 

materially-poor family

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We provide them a dairy goat along with veterinary support and agriculture training.

We offer spiritual sustenance.


Goats provide rich milk every day, their manure fertilizes crops, and eventually families can sell goat milk for income.

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 When goats breed, the first-born doe is passed on to another family in need.

A goat is more than just an animal; it’s like an efficient engine. Goats provide up to four liters of rich milk a day, which initially is used to sustain families, providing much-needed nutrition. Their manure fertilizes crops which doubles the harvest. Eventually, families can sell goat milk and use that income to send children to school, build safe and structurally-sound homes, start independent businesses and pay for medical expenses.


When goats breed, the first-born doe is passed on to another family in need. Through this process, an entire village can be lifted out of poverty and into a culture of sustainability.

To make this cycle sustainable, "Pass-On" is necessary.

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Building Futures: 2023 Progress Report for One Goat at a Time Project

78 new families received their first goat after completing their final training program and completion of goat shed.
395 baby goats were born.
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