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A Mother’s Love, Like No Other

My prayer is that we can always afford to take care of our children and provide them with everything they want. I always feel happy to have my children around, see them play with their fellow children, eat together, go to church and praying together before we go to bed.

As a mother, I feel so good when I wake up in the morning and see all my children around, one is sweeping the floor, the other one is coming back from fetching water and that last born is walking around the house with his cup of porridge.

When our children come back from school, they play all the way to home. You know the feelings they get when they throw a ball to each other or hide in the trees and their uniform get dirty. It feels so good washing their clothes and making sure they look clean the next day, just like other children.

On weekends during the afternoon after we have our lunch we will just sleep together outside our home in a breeze, very relaxed and get that fresh air from the forest near our home until sunset when I have to cook for my children.

Pure love from mother to a child

Children are pure joy. Sometimes you might have a lot that is going on in your life, but when your babies are around they make you feel so good, especially when they start asking questions of how life was back when I was a child and how grandmother and grandfather treated me, what game did we used to play when we were young, who my friends were. These questions help them learn about our family history, a lesson that they can’t get from other people who are not connected to them.

There are children who fail in their National Examination to enter 8th grade and beyond. Some get pregnant at age 15, for some cultures this is very shameful and some families decide to isolate the girls. They start regretting the ‘wasted’ money they spent send them to school just for them to fail their exam and have no hope for going to high school. But a mother, because of her unconditional love, will not see that as a problem.

No, instead they will ask, “Do you want to re-seat for another examination so you can proceed with your studies in a private school? Or do you want to start a business after your baby has grown enough to eat any food and I promise to take care of her?” This is what you will hear from a mother, always having an encouragements and loving words.

The love and feeling of a mother for a child is priceless. It doesn’t matter if people around or the whole community will neglect a child, a mother will always be the first person to give comfort and love. What a powerful strength that God has given women.

Let us ask ourselves, don’t we all want to grow up in a place where there is love, comfort, words of encouragement and that special person, a mother, who sees everything positive in us, no matter how many times we fall?

I am coming back home, coming back home, tell my mother that I am coming home, I am tired of being alone while there is a shoulder to lay on when I need one.

Food for His Children is working to create communities with no orphans, no children that have to be sent to live somewhere else because their parents can’t take care of them. They need a home, and a mother to come home to. This is part 5 in a series of blogs about orphans and the importance of love and strong families.

You can join Food for His Children in the fight against extreme poverty. Learn more at


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