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Finding My Voice

Orphan series Part 6.

Every child needs a Voice to speak for them

‘Sometimes I just need this one real person who I can talk to and tell how much my heart is burning inside, but who can I trust? Even when I trust to tell them how can I believe that my secret is safe with them and they won’t share with their friends? How I am even going to look into their eyes on the next day, are they not going to laugh at me?’

There are so many questions that children have in their mind when they have something they are struggling with and they don’t know if they should tell or keep it within themselves. They might keep things to themselves for a long time, but what if it’s something that affects them and it needs urgent solutions?

A child is so careful and sensitive, they observe so much on what is going on around them in a daily basis. They see how their parents fight and hear bad words during the fight, that situation affects their mind and sometimes that is what they will be thinking of all day at school and if they don’t speak out that is how they will believe how life should be.

When they trust you, they can look into your eyes and speak their heart

When they grow up if they don’t have someone to talk to, it can have long term impacts. They may be angry all the time or isolate themselves from other children. The child grows up not knowing how it feels to love and to be loved, how it feels to have someone you can trust and talk to about anything. This child can grow up with low self-esteem, hate and fear.

Should we expect that this child will be one of the best in school? What generation are we creating, do we expect them to be tomorrow’s leaders and speak for others? How are they going to have confidence to speak for others if they cannot speak for themselves?

Its never late to rescue children who have suffered from hate, fear, trust and low self-esteem, let us walk alongside families and school to tell them how important it is for children to have that one special person they trust.

Food for His Children works with parents to help them improve relationships with God, self, others and creation. You can help us equip them to be better parents, friends, spouses and neighbors. Join us at


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