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Letters from Tanzania

Receiving notes from families Food For His Children has helped is more than a day-brightener. It makes us all smile from ear-to-ear for weeks. The following message is from Aloyce Panga, of Kilimamoja, Karatu, Tanzania, located in the north-central part of the country.

Praise the Lord Pastor Kerrie, how are you? I will try to translate for you this email.

The mail is from Aloyce Panga from Kilimamoja.

I Aloyce of Kilimamoja, Karatu. I have the honor and pleasure to greet, we are progressing well and the project, which gives us our needs, we thank all donors of FFHC. For now all my goats gives milk. I sent a sms I do not know if you get it. It is my belief, your father is doing well.

I need to inform you that My child has passed his exam and will continue to study high school.

I wish all Americans good election on November.

It's me in Christ

Aloyce Panga

Kilimamoja Karatu.

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