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The Feeling of Family

Part 1

Have you ever asked yourself how it feels to stay with your family and siblings, waking up every morning knowing that you have a special place where you belong, knowing there are permanent people in your life, you have people that you share a family name together and during Christmas even though you are not going to have fancy clothes, or be taken out and have this family dinner in a beautiful hotel?

Every child deserves to grow in a permanent home, siblings with a family name, but what if s/he does not have any of that? During special occasions who is going to be there to celebrate with them and having that family love of a brother or sister.

Nothing feels so precious for a child to know where they belong even though they only get one meal in a day, or they don’t get to wear brand new outfits or they don’t have a playground and equipment, but that Love from their own family is priceless.

Food for His Children walks alongside families to ensure that they sustain their children's needs like sending them to school, giving them a better education and fulfilling their medical care needs. We need to create a World where every child stays where they belong and has a permanent family.

Food for His Children can not do this alone, we need partners, a community around all families and stakeholders to fulfill a mission where every child is cared for in a safe and loving family and reaches their God-given potential.

You can impact generations in Tanzania. Join Food for His Children as we strive for a World Without Orphans.

Would you join us? Keep watching for the rest of this 6 part series to open our eyes about orphans and what we can all do to keep families together.


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