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Teaching the next generation

Health issues are very crucial in our daily life however we usually ignore what we have learned until we face consequences. It is true that today’s world is different compared to back in the years, parents don’t get enough time to guide and train young ones on how to live healthy lives and to this is even more difficult in rural areas of developing countries. There many challenges because people are unaware of personal hygiene and health issues.

Food for His Children’s Health and Environment Department saw they could make a change, by teaching Basodawish children the importance of personal hygiene, health care and environmental conservation though a poem. The poem helped children remember the message easily and any time they can recite. Twenty-five elementary students attended the training. They were taught on effect of sharing a house with animal, using dirt hands during eating, importance of having clean house, environment, beds, utensils and body.

Many children agreed to remind their parents on the importance of building toilets and other 15 points of a healthy home. Helping young people understand the importance of these topics makes it easier for them to remember and practice it and to encourage others to do it as well.

Thank you for providing health and environment education to children in rural Tanzania!

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