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Impacting Generations to Come

Your Gifts Make Dreams Come True! Give Today to support the dreams of tomorrow's generation. Christian Gwilla is a Field Officer for Food for His Children in Tanzania, Africa. Below he writes about one of the families he serves.

Speaking of the basis of life we all consider material things such as houses,(shelter), clothes and food. It is true that by having all of this you can feel like you get a real meaning of a word life, but happiness is the most significant part in our life. Imagine you don’t have friends, close people to whom you are going to share anything you have with. Becoming rich can be like favor from God and being poor is not the end of the life.

What if God sent to you the people who value your tears, sweat and pains? To be thankful it doesn’t mean you received a lot. And to get more, sometimes you have to be thankful even for the little things, not only material things . You can also be thankful even for breath, for happiness, friends and being grateful for your community and the way you are living.

'We had a dream of building a house back in a years and we had a dream of starting small businesses. Maybe I can say Lord have mercy! We joined Food for His Children in 2011 and we were given a goat."

"I’m telling you we were not sure if we would be here today! We built a house of 4 rooms with the money we earned from the goat sales. It was the only brick house in our subvillage at that time. Now we are so happy because we a are living in a quality house! No more worries. Before FFHC, we were lived in a stick and mud house with our livestock inside with us. During the night we suffered from poor air conditions because we slept the same room with our animals, the roof grass thatch leaked during the rains, and we were afraid the wind wold take the roof off. What type of life is that? We have children, and my kids were living with a cow, goats and sheep sleeping next to them at night. We would wake up in the morning and smelling like we lived in a stable, a cow shed," said Ester crying.

"I have nothing to say than a word thank you for restoration of our happiness and improving our reputation. Thank you so much for the empowerment and support you offer us through the staff at Food for His Children. We believe we can continue to achieve a lot as long as we are still the goat farmers under FFHC project."

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