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A Toddler's Tale

We love to share happy, joyful stories with you. But that isn't always the reality of life in the world of a Food for His Children social worker. If it was, Food for His Children wouldn't be working there and frankly, that would be an answer to prayer. This is a story of the real life struggles of a toddler in Tanzania as written by her Food for His Children Field Officer, Nick Martin. Your gifts provide ongoing support and training for families like hers as they slowly work their way out of generational poverty so that children like Magdalena can spend their childhood worry free, laughing and playing- something we all want for our children.

This is Nick's report about Magdalena

Most families in Africa, especially in rural areas struggle with extreme poverty that lead to malnutrition, poor education for kids and massive loneliness especially to kids because most of the time their parents are working on part time jobs. This leave their kids at great risk of starving and death from lack of proper care from their parents.

Magdalena Patrice (3) is one the victim of those families that are struggling with extreme poverty. Magdalena’s parents are doing the best they can considering they live on the side of a steep mountain. Her parents often need to leave the 6 children home alone while they collect sticks to sell to support the family. This isn't neglect, this is doing what needs to be done to provide for your children. The family of 8 depends on farming and selling of sticks only to get less than $1 per day (not consistent). Her father has to climb up and down the mountain to travel to another village to sell the sticks as well as to collect water each day. The farm productions are also not consistent which sometimes causes them to ask others for food. It is even difficult for the family to afford basic needs such as clothing, a situation that causes stress not only to the parents, but also to kids as they feel the condition they live into.

Always Magdalena has sad face and she looks like someone who is stressed and in deep thinking. It was difficult to see her sad face at her age. The survival of kids like Magdalena is dependent on love and support from the family and community because they are the future of the world and they have many dreams that they will accomplish to serve the world and many more people like her.

Magdalena's home

Food for His Children for years has been working with families and kids that are struggling with poverty and loneliness through the provision of goats and education to families so that they can be empowered and be able to eradicate poverty and be close to other family members, especially kids. Not only that but FFHC is working towards restoration of family relationships and insists on the importance of love within the family and community.

Since I met Magdalena, I have seen her face change from that sad face when she used to hide inside or run when she saw me coming to her house. Love and encouragement is all she needs and FFHC is freely offering that to all who don’t know where to get. Happy face for the kids brings joy in their life as they grow up. Thank you for bringing them smiles and love!

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