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On Giving Tuesday, we have one challenge for you.

We ate turkey on Thanksgiving.

We shopped on Black Friday.

We supported local boutiques on Small Business Saturday.

We nearly broke the internet hunting for deals on Cyber Monday.

Whew! I think we need a palette-cleanser.

Thank God Giving Tuesday is here!

In its fifth year, Giving Tuesday encourages us all to gift our time, donations or voice.

At Food For His Children, we would greatly appreciate your time, donations and voice! We believe this mission is truly changing lives - including our own.

We also believe in fostering kindness by doing simple and small acts of love. So, on this Giving Tuesday, we challenge you to complete at least one thing on our Give Kind list:

-Hold the door for the person behind you

-Make the coffee in the break room at work

-Bring homemade treats to a neighbor

-Pray for a friend

-Listen well to someone today

-Include a compliment in the next email you send

-Buy coffee for a stranger

-Text a friend, wishing them a good day

-Return a shopping cart in the parking lot

-Leave a quarter in the vending machine for the next person to find

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