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Jumping into His arms

In January, I admitted to you all that I was a goal digger. I announced to the world my three goals:

  • Deepen my relationship with Christ including daily quiet time, reading and studying the Word, and seeking Christ for ALL things

  • Pruning: determine things that are bearing fruit and let go of those that are not

  • Hire a U.S. FFHC Director to oversee the ministry, fundraise and coordinate program development in Tanzania

The last few weeks, I’ve been working hard, achieving small steps toward a larger goal. I set aside quiet time for reading and studying the Word. I sought out Christ in each endeavor. I pruned like never before. I let go of things in my life not bearing fruit and chased after what made me feel passionate, excited and fulfilled. These daily habits have lead me to my third goal: seeking a director to oversee Food For His Children. Through prayer, quiet time and fewer distractions, I’ve felt God calling me to take on this role. Yes, me! God has given me the courage to leave the security of my full-time job and jump into His arms, His will and His plan for my life and FFHC. Together with your help, I want to grow our mission, expand what we’re doing both in Tanzania and in the U.S., and follow God’s call. I've known for several years that God has been calling me to lead this mission; I just didn't anticipate that I would become the director quite yet. But God has made His plan clear and now my job is to follow the path He's set for me. I hope that you'll join me on this exciting new journey. I can't wait to share with you the exciting things happening through FFHC! Blessings to you, Pastor Kerrie

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