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A word of gratitude.

Gabriel and his wife Paulina want to say thanks. For changing their lives.

"Being part of this has been such a blessing to me and my family," the father of six says. "We are so grateful to be part of the project."

When Gabriel started goat farming in 2014, he knew this had the potential to change his life. But he also knew he had to work hard.

He learned the skills needed to successfully farm. He learned that goat manure could increase his crop production. He learned that his kids got healthier and stronger as they drank goat milk each morning.

And, he learned that Food For His Children is a cause he wants to support.

With the money he's made from goat farming, Gabriel was able to buy a grill for his window and bricks for his home. He is sending his 18-year-old daughter, Christina, to college.

"Food For His Children has been like my second family," he says. "I'm so proud to be a part of it and get this opportunity. May God bless those working hard and donating their time and resources to make FFHC sustainable."

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