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Dreams are universal.

Dreams are universal. Opportunity is not. Food For His Children is trying to change that.

Faustin has two dreams. He wants to start his own business and build his family a sturdy home. Slowly, he’s putting the pieces in place to make this happen.

The 64-year-old and his wife Annacleta live with their two sons and two grandchildren. Before he started FFHC, Faustin farmed his two-and-a-half acre farm and harvested four bags of maize. Now, after learning updated farming methods, he’s yielding double that — eight bags of maize! He’s also using goat manure to fertilize his land.

Five goats roam his property. Last year, he sold one and bought two iron sheets for his future house. He also bought school supplies for his grandchildren.

When Faustin isn’t farming or taking care of his family, he’s dreaming about his business. His goal is to buy a cow and start his own dairy farm. His prayers are simple: for the continued health of his family and his animals.

Faustin isn’t much different from us. He prays for his family. He works hard. He has dreams.

And because of FFHC, he can turn his dreams into realities.

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