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New Year Celebrations

It's time to celebrate!

You made it all possible! You are our heroes. There's so much to share and to be thankful for, don't miss the announcement at the bottom!

Because of YOU, Victoria is eating well and no longer suffers from malnourishment and health issues!
Christian Gwilia, Field Officer, tells Yese Niodemus's story. When Yese and his family joined FFHC in 2009 and received their goat, life was very difficult. Yese's very beautiful daughter Victoria suffered from malnutrition and related health problems for a long time. Yese took good care of their dairy goat and her milk greatly impacted Victoria’s health improvement! Months passed and God continued to show his face of love to Victoria through the goat from FFHC, until finally Victoria recovered. In addition to milk, the goat also provides manure for fertilizing their fields, increasing crop production. The family has sold 4 bucks and funds were used to renovate the goat shed, purchase iron sheets for their house, pay for school fees and other basic needs. Yese’s family dreams that one day, if God wishes, they can build a brick house, continue to ensure a good education for their children and be financially independent. They expect to achieve this in 2018. Yese’s wife, Agripina said, 'It’s like a miracle and that is why she is always taking care of the goat by any means so that other people who are not the members of the project has to be attracted and finally join the project.’ Through their goat project and other small business activities, they can now send their children to a private school. Agripina also stated there are still several families who are suffering from poverty in their village and she believes the goat keeping project is the main tool to rescue them from poverty.

Did I mention that when we prayed for Yese's family in 2009 and anointed them with crosses on their foreheads, they were Muslim? After that meeting, they gave their hearts and lives to Jesus! Today Yese is a leader in his church. Go God!! None of this would be possible without your support and prayers.

WE GOT THE FARM!!!!!! Check out my very excited video if you missed the announcement. After 3 very long years of waiting, we finally have the title to the property FFHC purchased for the goat farm and development center in Tanzania. Let the building begin!
Give Goat, Pass it On! Your gifts provided goats to 20 more families this month. YOU ROCK! Special thanks to Bryr Brannigan and Samson Ishma for their hard work in finding these beauties!
New staff The 4 new Field Officers have started meeting the families on their caseload and are excited to dig in. Christian, Levina, Nick and Noel provide one on one encouragement, support and assistance to all of our families. And they will be sending you many more stories so you can see the power and impact of your gifts. It doesn't look like this team is going to have any fun at all, does it?

God Sized Vision We're gearing up for 160 new families in 2018! You can make this possible with a monthly or one time gift. But wait till March. Um, what?!

Brackets for Good 2018!! Let the FUNdraising begin March 2 Food for His Children is 1 of only 64 Minnesota charities to compete for good and a grand prize of $10,000 in addition to all the funds we raise along the way Your love for Food for His Children will show Minnesota that with God, all things are possible and a tiny organization can win the tournament against giants like Ronald McDonald House, Special Olympics and ACES. Yeah, our God is greater than any organization and if He's with us, who can stand against us!

Your March 2-April 6 gifts will propel us to the finish line! While we certainly will not turn down donations before then, only gifts received after March 2 count towards the tournament. Online giving starts March 2 and is not only the fastest, but the most fun way to get the donation to us.

As we prepare for Brackets, we need people to brainstorm ideas and strategy, join a planning committee, host and attend events, tell others about the competition and ask them to help us win, maybe even make your own team.
Can you or some know make a matching gift of $1000, $5000, $10,000, $20,000 or more? Seeking auction donations and contest prize donations and a business that wants to partner with us as our official Community Teammate which includes their logo and link on the Brackets for Good site during the duration of the 5 week competition.
Email me if you can help in any way, every single dollar and idea counts!
Every $1 =1 Point. Bucks for bucks, dollars for does, bricks for the farm. Use your competitive gift for good and join our team. More details to come, I promise. Let's do this! Thank you for giving your heart to Food for His Children. We couldn't do it without YOU! God bless you! Food For His Children Team
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