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Elizabeth Loves Science!

Elizabeth, 18, says, “As human beings, we all face challenges and as a student I also have my own challenges. My parents are farmers, they don’t have a specific place where they can get money, so when it comes to the side of paying school fees I feel inferior because school needs are many. I thank God for my dad and mom because they are always beside me giving hope, encouragement and insist I study hard, so I can become someone in the future. I believe in education, that why I always advise my friends at school to be careful and serious with school. I’m very happy to see FFHC is not focusing on goat only in the family but talking to children and opened our mind, advising us to study hard, respect our parents, siblings and even those who are not our family members, so we can have a peaceful community.”

Elizabeth Said is the first born in a family of 6 children. She's studying at Dageno Secondary school in her second year along with a few other FFHC children at the school. Elizabeth is very excited to be in school! She is cooperating with her fellow students, studying together, has good relationship with her teachers, and she likes Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry best.

“Most of my friends don’t like these subjects! Hahahaha, ooh it's true that we students we don’t like hard things but some of us we try our level best to attack and face them,” said Elizabeth.

‘’In fact it’s in her blood to do so and she is very incredible in science subject,’’ her mother said.

During holidays, Elizabeth helps her parents with domestic activities like cleaning the environment, washing dishes, cooking and teaching her younger siblings to read, write and do math.

“All my family's eyes are on me, since I’m the first born so I have to be good example to my siblings and I’m sure my community will be surprised to see my family are in better position in 10 years to come.”

Elizabeth’s dream is to become a secondary school teacher, teaching science subjects. “Those are my favorite subjects!’’ said Elizabeth. “It is not easy to be a teacher and I know that, that’s why I always coach myself and for me to do well in my studies it is enough light for me to see my dream become reality. My major advice to all parents is this, they have to commit themselves to send their kids to school, for their future life, if parents need their children to have good life in a future they need to empower them, so from that as children we will be grateful with our parents even though as young students we need the right tools in our studies, we need to see ourselves living a happy life and build upon strengths.”

Thank you for giving Elizabeth a chance to achieve her dreams.

Food for His Children has just added 184 new families to our program. That means there are a lot of Elizabeth's praying they can attend secondary school. With your help, dreams come true.

God bless you always!

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