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You are the blessing

Because of your love......

Wilbrodi and Juliana have 4 children and 4 goals: To build a latrine, to build a strong family house, to pay for education for their children and for their environment to be 'be in a good situation'. Wilbrodi said involvement with Food for His Children has helped by providing milk and manure from their goat, treatment and vaccinations for their goat, a family Christmas gift and learning about the Bible.

Katarina had major heart issues in 2012. When Daudi was born, her heart was weak. She had to stay in the hospital for over a month and was not able to nurse Daudi. He hard working and thoughtful husband Emanuel cared for Daudi and was able to buy goat milk for him. After 2 years of hard work, they were able to pay for the heart treatment she needed. In 2014, Emanuel applied for Food for His Children so they could continue to use goat milk for the health of their family. "Since after the heart treatment I’m doing great except during the winter season I feel pain but I have medicine to reduce the pain. I thank God for his love and grace though my child did not use my milk but he is healthy mentally and physically, I know this is God doing," said Katarina.

May God bless you richly for your love and compassion for His children.

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