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Redempter loves veterinary work!

Redempter Priscus Chuwa, 20, is the 3rd born of 4 children in her family. She is studying Animal Health and Production at Tengeru Livestock training. Redempter love to do veterinary work and she chose to come to FFHC to learn new things to add to her studies, it was not a requirement by the college.

Redempter likes to see the mindset transformation in livestock breeders on new and proper livestock keeping. In the villages, many farmers still use traditional methods of goat keeping which does is not as successful compared to proper goat management. Redempter believes that animal health will surpass if people will use proper goat management.

‘My dream is to become a good veterinarian and help the community as Food for His Children does. I want to thank Food for His Children for the chance of having field training with the agriculture department as it gave me opportunity to use what I know and learn many things in terms of family visit as a social worker and treatment of goats’. Redempter Chuwa

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