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The Goat is Just the Beginning

Many women in rural Tanzania have been impacted by Food for His Children. Some economically, some socially and some spiritually. Food for His Children (FFHC) provides families with a dairy goat and a Field Officer. A Field Officer is a social worker who mentors, monitors, encourages and develops a close relationship with the family in order to help the family see the possibilities of achieving their goals and to help them become all God created them to be.

Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know. Jeremiah 33:3.

“This is one of my favorite Bible verses and I read it almost everyday” said Veronica.

“I’m a single mother of 7 children. Being a single mother means adopting new ways of living and accepting challenges. But I always remember that even when I feel like I am completely alone, God is always there to say ‘don’t worry my children. I’m your father, I can handle this for you.’ With a strong faith in God, everything will be easy for you. I’m a Christian from the Roman Catholic Church. I attend church every Sunday and when I’m at home I read my Bible because I believe the Bible is where I can find real hope and encouragement for my daily life.

As we all know, life is like a journey. You can have a seat in the bus with an unknown passenger, but in the middle of journey you will start chatting and talking to each other and become friends. I compare this to my life with FFHC. I didn’t know FFHC would be so close to my family. I joined the project in 2009 and since then there are two things that stick in my mind about when I started working with FFHC. First, I was provided with a dairy goat to feed my body and help my financial level to go higher. Second, I received a Bible that feeds my soul and helps me know my purpose. I was very happy when I received these gifts.

I have been with this project for 10 years now. We are a family. FFHC has been alongside me, giving me encouragement and hope. The most important part of FFHC for me is when FFHC's Pastor visits me. He is so helpful and so kind to me. I have been struggling with my financial situation and my family relationship, but when I get visited by the pastor, I feel like I see hope. Thank you so much to all the people who support FFHC because from there is where we get spiritual help which plays a significant role in the rescue of our soul and showing us the right path to the Kingdom of heaven. Thank you very much!”

The goat is just the beginning. As we like to say, the goat gets us in the door for so much more. Food for His Children doesn't have a start and end date for the families we serve. Because each family situation is different. Breaking the chains of extreme poverty takes time. Some may only be part of the program for a few years, some may be with us for a decade or longer. Our goal is to help families become all God created them to be. And sometimes that takes time. We're in it for the long haul.

When you give to Food for His Children, you aren't just giving a goat. You are transforming mind, body and soul. You can provide all FFHC services to a family for just $1.47 per day. Meet some of our families here. Go to to learn more or click here to give today to help a woman like Veronica.

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