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Tanzanian Children Share About Going Back to School During COVID-19

Three Food for His Children kids shared their experience after returning to school during the Pandemic:

Petro: Our government has reopened schools after 3 months. We are so happy to be able to move forward with our studies. The first time I heard about COVID spreading to almost every corner of the world, I was shocked. I started worrying about my family and friends. We are just children. We can’t protect ourselves at school because there are too many students in the class.

Leonia: We are in a race for time. Our national exams are coming fast our preparation was cut short by the virus. If we do not do well enough on the exam it could mean we cannot move forward in school. I wear a mask and wash my hands often. But how can I avoid crowds when are 30 – 50 students sharing desks? Please pray for us.

Baraka: I love being with friends at school, but how do you interact with friends when they’re 1 – 2 meters away? There were some good things about COVID. Our parents spent extra time with us. And I saw the power of love from my parents and my siblings. My wish is parents will get enough time to be with their children all the time, not just during COVID. We are growing. We need support and guidance from our parents and the rest of the society.

  • Your gifts made it possible to provide education on how to prevent the spread of COVID and how to stay healthy. Food for His Children provided soap, hand sanitizer, masks, medicine kits, hand wash stations and food to 374 families thanks to a gift from Hosanna Church and generous donors.

  • To learn more about how you can help families in Tanzania work their way out of extreme poverty, go to

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