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Angelina the Brick Maker

Field Officers are our Tanzanian social workers. They work directly with the families we serve to find out their resources, dreams, their gifts and their talents and help them to see how they can tie them all together to attain their goals and to become all God created them to be. All of this helps them to life themselves out of poverty so that they can provide food, shelter, medical care and education for their children and grandchildren and break the cycle of generational poverty. Your gifts help to make all of this happen!

Angelina’s Field Officer, Levina wrote this story.

Everyone has wishes and believes in their lives. Believing in something drives people to do anything and sometimes to take risks. The courage to take risks always comes from having faith in something you really want. We have seen a lot of people who have succeeded in their lives have passion in what they are doing either in their jobs or business.

Angelina James is a mother of six children. They support their family with income from seasonal labor, a small shop and goat keeping. Life was not easy but they did not give up and keep going. Sending their children to good schools and providing all their basic needs has been their dream. Angelina's small shop was the best income source in the family for a long time. Her goat is pregnant now, so there is no milk to sell. Angelina decided she needed to seek out a form of seasonal labor. God opened the door for her to meet her longtime dream early this year.

Angelina told me about her dream in 2018. She had wanted to make bricks because she believed they could make a lot of money from it. She had land which had the right soil for making bricks, but did not have water or money to pay laborers. Angelina faced many struggles to try to reach this goal, but she still had faith and she kept moving forward one step at a time with help and encouragement from her Field Officer. In 2019, she was able to get a water tap at their house. Her hard work and perseverance pushed her to success. Her total investment is expected to be $185 and she expects to make at least $300 this year so she can improve her shop and their house.

When you give to Food for His Children, you help women like Angelina achieve their dreams. If you'd like to learn more about Food for His Children or the families we work alongside in Karatu, Tanzania, go to

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