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It's Not About Winning

Each year, Food for His Children selects the best goats within our projects to compete in the Regional Nane Nane competition. In 2018 and 2020, we placed second! That's a really big deal for our goat farmers. This year, Aloice's goats had triplets at the event, helping him to be chosen as one of the best goats at the event.

Nane Nane, known as Farmer's Day in Tanzania, is a week long agriculture exhibition that takes places in regions across Tanzanian around August 8th, bringing together farmers, students, agriculture experts and the community to share about the latest technologies, ideas, discoveries and alternative solutions concerning the agricultural sector.

But participating in Nane Nane is not all about winning. It's an excellent experience for Food for His Children goat farmers to learn from others, to be encouraged and empowered for their efforts, and to share what they have learned with others.

Nick Martin, FFHC Field Officer, accompanied the FFHC goats farmers at the event and hosted the FFHC booth. This is his account of Nane Nane.

'God has been on our side. We went to Nane Nane to exhibit our goats and services. But God opened did so much more. He opened doors we didn't expect. Many people stopped to learn more about Food for His Children. I had several requests from different groups.

A women’s group in Kilimanjaro requested FFHC come to their district to start projects. I had to tell them that while we are not yet ready to move from Karatu, they could send representatives to Karatu to learn what we do so they could start their own small project.

A group from AruMeru District asked if Food for His Children would start a project in their area. There is a strong dairy goat project in Eastern AruMeru, but not in Western AruMeru. Most of the people who were requesting we come to Western AruMeru were Maasai.

The Village Executive Officer (Village leader) from Mbulumulu and Rhotia Ward near Karatu requested we start a project there. They are in between 2 of our project sites and they have been interested in FFHC for years. FFHC will start conversations with them to learn about what the resources and the needs of their project as a part of the initial conversation we have when considering new areas.

Many people asked if they can buy goats from FFHC goat farmers. This is a HUGE blessing to our farmers. It recognizes the quality of FFHC goats. I'm coordinating visits for people who would like to come buy goats from FFHC program farmers. This opens up new markets for sales and will increase the value/sales price of the goats as people outside Karatu are willing to pay a higher price since they know the value of dairy goats.

FFHC team members will coach FFHC families (goat farmers) on what price to ask for their goats so they know the true value.

A general who works for the Ministry of Livestock stopped by the booth. He is interested in buying FFHC goats to teach children who are going in the military about raising dairy goats. He would like to buy several goats. God is good!'

Nane Nane is an excellent place to learn, to share and to make new connections. Food for His Children is honored to participate.

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