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Pole, Pole.

“Be still and know that I am God.”

Pole, Pole. Swahili for slowly, slowly. Our Tanzanian family teaches us to move slowly, to treasure the moments. When we are in Minnesota, life moves quickly. Our commitments are many: family, work, meetings, church, ministry, errands, etc. There is chaos and “noise” all around us. It’s difficult to find time to stop and be still.

When we go to Tanzania, we see that the focus is not on how much you get done, but the moments you spend engaged with others. Things get done with they get done. You are told: “Hakuna Matata! This is Africa.”

When Mary sat at the feet of Jesus, she didn’t care if the cooking or cleaning got done. What mattered was that she was sitting with Jesus. Life is less cluttered in Tanzania. They can focus on what is important: God, family and ministry.

Slow down, be still and treasure the moments you have with Jesus and those you love. Take time to be still with God right now and ask Him where He wants you to serve. Take time to just be.

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