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The story begins with you

Meet Yohana.

Yohana’s home is modest. No water or electricity, no bathroom or kitchen either. She lives there with her four grandchildren; their parents died of AIDS. Yohana is a fighter. She gratefully accepted three chickens from Food For His Children. With grit and hard work, Yohana transformed those three chickens into a small business – allowing her to provide food for her grandchildren and money to buy their school supplies.

Meet Bernadetta.

Bernadetta felt like a nobody. Abandoned by her husband because she gave birth to six daughters and no sons, she was socially outcast. But Bernadetta was an excellent farmer. She started with one goat, providing it with food and shelter. The goat returned the favor by providing rich milk. Soon, Bernadetta had an entire goat farm on her property. Selling ten of them to pay tuition for her daughters’ schooling, she became empowered, knowing that she could stand on her own two feet and provide for her family.

Meet Esta.

Esta is a mother of six children, a goat farmer and a dreamer. In 2009, Esta received her first goat. From that day on, her life changed. By selling goat milk and goat offspring, she can afford to send her kids to school. She can afford iron sheets for her roof. And, she can afford to dream. Esta hopes to open her own chicken business. With ten chickens, she’s on her way – already selling 30 eggs a week.


As you trust God through your own personal journeys, we pray that like Yohana, Bernadetta and Esta, you will have the strength to forge new paths and new dreams. And, as always, we thank you for your generous support. Because of you, these women —and countless others—have bright futures ahead.

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