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BFG Update: Let's go Team FFHC!

​Round one of Brackets for Good ended in heart-pounding excitement. Food For His Children was honored to compete against The Southern Theater, another nonprofit doing awesome things across the Twin Cities. When the buzzer sounded at 7:59.59 p.m., you helped push FFHC to victory! You also helped us raise more than $1500 to empower community development in Tanzania. Thank you for your incredible effort!

As we compete in round two of Brackets for Good, our goals remain the same: to raise support for community development, to increase our impact for

serving families in Tanzania, and to create strong partnerships with other organizations through positive interactions throughout the tournament.

We’ll give you the play-by-play on our social media channels and share strategies over email during this week’s tournament. In the meantime, check out our matchup and keep any eye on our score versus Minnesota FoodShare:

Let’s have a great week of competitive giving – go Team FFHC!

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