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Six ways you can help FFHC this week

We did it! We made it to the Engaged 8! We are so grateful for your support. Here are six ways you can continue to help FFHC move through the tournament and win the grand prize of $10,000!

1. View the entire bracket to check out the competition. 2. Click on the $ sign next to FFHC. 3. Click the cart to complete the checkout/donation process.

4. Turn on the "Buzzer Beater." You'll double your donation now and score that doubled amount at the very end of the round. You added contribution could put FFHC in the lead. 5. SCORE! 1 point = $1 for FFHC. 6. Keep an eye on the clock. The action heats up as the round ends.

Our next matchup will be our toughest test yet. We need consistent points from across our roster and appreciate any amount you can give; every dollar makes a difference for us! We are so excited to be competing for the final prize: $10,000! Join our team and help us get there.

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