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2016 :: What a year!

What a year it was!

First, we are so grateful for you. You are our cheerleaders, our prayer warriors, our ambassadors, our PARTNERS.

God is working through your gifts and prayers and families are seeing transformation.

Food for His Children has continued to grow. This has changed the dynamics of our organization in a couple ways.

We’d like to share a few changes, highlights, and blessings from 2016.

Foundation for our future

We finalized the purchase of three acres of land in Karatu where we'll build the Farm and Development Center. Our first goal is a breeding farm and staff office.

Operations in check

We 'hired' Global Horizons, Inc. (GHI) to manage all things financial on the U.S. operations side. We are still our own 501c(3) and manage all things FFHC, but GHI is handling the money for us so we can focus on the ministry.

Managing the ministry

After much prayer, we decided to hire an executive director to manage the ministry here in the U.S. and in Tanzania. This is an exciting time and we have already seen God opening doors since we made this decision.

Thank you for your contributions, your prayers and your support. We can't do this without you. YOU are the reason Food For His Children is transforming lives in Tanzania.

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