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Pass-on and pass-back: What’s the difference?

May 29, 2017



One of the requirements of the FFHC program is that each family gives the firstborn goat kid to another family that is waiting to start the program. They pass-on the gift of opportunity, the micro-loan, to another family. 


This gift is so empowering to them because they know firsthand the impact and possibility packed in that pass-on goat. As a family of few material means, they understand that giving this gift to another family of little material means is truly priceless.


This gift keeps the cycle going, from one family to another. The cycle grows and continues as it is passed from family to family!



Each FFHC family gives back to the program with the third-born goat kid. The goat is sold to help sustain and fund the program. The family gets a portion of the sale, the project site gets a portion and FFHC gets a portion.


The pass back is like a tithe. The families are now able to give back to the program that gave them an opportunity for a transformed life and future.







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