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How Nikodemus Baso is using his gifts for good

When Nikodemus started with FFHC, he had no idea that he would one day be helping the same program that changed his life.

He and his wife Imbori live on their farm with their six kids and two grandchildren. Once they joined the program, the Baso family grew their farm to house 15 goats. After taking part in the pass-on, pass-back and selling goats to earn income for his farm and house, Nikodemus decided to take his journey to the next level and volunteer with FFHC.

He became trained as a paravet, someone who trains families in agricultural and farming skills, so he could help other families achieve their dreams too.

“This is an opportunity for me to use my knowledge and skills to help others,” he says. “I can see how God is fulfilling His plan through FFHC.”

Today, Nikodemus’ goats produce two to three liters of milk a day that he feeds to his family. And with the money he’s earning from farming, he’s constructing a house made of bricks where his family will live.

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