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Elizabeth's story: Anything is possible

Julita Damiano is a living miracle. To many 18-year-olds, going to college isn’t unusual. But for Julita and her family, it’s truly amazing.

Three years ago, Julita’s mother and father couldn’t provide clean water for their six children, let alone a quality education. But then Elizabeth learned about Food For His Children. Since joining the program, she’s learned about agriculture and husbandry. She's also been trained in the entrepreneurship program, which has helped her define clear goals.

Today, her farm is thriving. She’s built a new house with a door and windows with the profits she's made. Besides Julita, Theresia and Jastina are also in school – getting a quality education.

“Food For His Children is an amazing program,” Elizabeth says, with a big smile on her face. “We love to work hard and earn money for our farm. We hear so much encouragement from the FFHC staff.”

As for Julita? She continues to study and dream and show her younger siblings that anything is possible.

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