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Meet Abigaeli Saidi, mother, wife, survivor.

Abigaeli Saidi is a wife, mother and goat farmer. She’s also a survivor. She and her husband Said joined FFHC in 2013. Since then, agriculture has been their main source of income — along with her Said’s motorcycle business. Abigaeli found success at goat farming right away.

Soon after starting the program, she completed the pass-on and pass-back. Later, she sold three bucks. She invested the money earned into her farm business. Earlier this year, Abigaeli sold two bucks again. This time, though, the money didn’t go to her business. The money provided her with life-saving medical care. She was diagnosed with Tuberculosis. Because she was able to sell the bucks, she could pay for the transportation to the hospital as well as her medical bills and medication. She now asks for prayers for continued healing so she can continue to be the mother, wife and goat farmer God wants her to be.

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